Accound delete and dissapeared

  • 14 June 2019
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Hi my name is Fran Mosh a few days ago I created an account for a techno podcast project and i wanted but my surprise is that today it has disappeared or deleted and I can not log in,in the search engine does not appear.My account details are:

I do not understand why it has disappeared and I feel the doubt of turning it into Pro, I hope a solution

Thanks in advance and hopefully you can help me!

2 replies

After 3 days I still don't get help, I wrote for Twitter at @scoundcloud and told me to apply for ticket and I also don t get a response or solution and they're delaying my profile to start my podcast project... many days and no answer
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Hi Fran,

From what I can see, you should be all set, and someone from the Trust & Safety team should have gotten back to you. Sorry about the inconvenience.