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  • 21 July 2016
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Hello dear Soundcloud Support,

Today I looked at my second Soundcloud profile ( and I was surprised that they can not be found.
It is only the "We can not find did user." Page.
I have not cleared my account, someone allows access or was inactive. I also have no email from Soundcloud about a problem with my account or something...
What is wrong and the problem?
I hope you can help me and solve my problem.

(Sorry for my englisch)

Best regards

Christian Keiling

4 replies

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Hi Christian,

Sorry about the inconvenience. I've looked into this for you and you should be all set now!

Thanks for hanging in there & happy SoundClouding!

Everything is back! Thanks. 🙂
@Oh My God That's My Sound @Mathis

Hello my SoundCloud jus got deleted out of no where I have tried everything I searched the web over 8 hours and I haven’t got an email from SoundCloud I filed a ticket . I am extremely upset I had over a quarter million views on my soundcloud this is so ridiculous I really need help with getting my account back my url is
@Mathis Please help me, I been dealing with this problem for 11 days now