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After the breakdown last 2 days, my account has been deleted. I've tried to find away around, and contact the support team but without any luck. With the same email I've created a new account thought maybe the data will be restore again, but unfortunately it was revoke. The data is very important to me, please I need help restore my data back.

Any help?

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I have the exact same problem. It was fine on the 7th but the next day it seems my account was deleted after I had tried to login multiple ways, reset my password and try on my laptop. My url doesn’t exist anymore more and I have checked to see if my playlists sill exis but I cannot find any trace of them anywhere. I thought I had been hacked but I doubt that it was because I am very security conscious. I have emailed and tried to ring soundcloud but I am yet to have a response. I have made a new account with a different email to search for my old account and to try contact soundcloud.
Many thanks will
I’m having the same problem. I was using my SoundCloud all last night.. I woke up this morning I was logged out and I cannot find my account through the search bar!
I have the same problem as well. I was using my SoundCloud account to listen to music on my mobile app two days ago, but yesterday when I opened it up it told me to login again. It said it couldn't find the email associated with my account and I entered my account url but told me that username doesn't exist. The username should be correct since I directly copy and pasted it from the Sign Up Email I first got.
Exact same issue. I logged into soudncloud when it broke down. I use Fb to log in, and when i tried relogging it cretaed a new account for me, with the same URL. Now all my likes, reposts and followers are gone. Contacting support doesnt help either, as they dont seem to understand that the URL is the same, but its a new account...
I had the exact problem working fine all day to day then it signed me out tried to sign back in using my fb account which is my original account and it wouldn't sign me back in I'm so annoyed
Hi. Recently I opened up my SoundCloud app on my iPhone and I was randomly logged out. When I tried logging back in, it kept saying that my email and password were incorrect!! So I tried changing the password and it says that the email didn’t even exist. So I tried to create a new account with the same mail and it said that the email was already in use. I don’t know what happened but I think there’s a bug in your system and it randomly deleted my account for no apparent reason. I had over 600 songs on there ever since 5 years ago and I’d deeply appreciate if the account was restored. Please fix this bug because I really need my account back! My email that I used for the account is and the username was “yungdedo”. Please restore my account because I have no idea what happened!
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Hi everyone,

Sorry about the troubles with this. If this issue persists for anyone of you, please reach out to our Account Access team for further investigation. You can do so here.

Thank you and all the best