Account Deleted???

  • 15 June 2018
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My soundcloud account was deleted for no reason?? I fairly actively am in contact with other artists on sc and am making/uploading music pretty regularly as well. I was on sound cloud just like 2 days ago to check my notifications and such and everything was all good, but now all of my music and my account is just gone?? I would like some help please this has my a bit freaked out considering the time I've spent working on some stuff, any help would be greatly appreciated. my account is

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2 replies

???? plz help
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Hi Garrett,

Sorry about any confusion around this. From what I can see, your account got frozen around the time of your report here on the community, however it was unfrozen and you should be all set again now. 🙂

Apologies about any inconveniences this might have caused.