Account deleted for no reason without my consent

  • 20 April 2019
  • 6 replies

my account was deleted randomly for no reason I have all my music on there and I use SoundCloud everyday my username and profile url is please help

6 replies

I recommend you file a ticket to SC support
I did already im still waiting for them to send me an email
They usually respond in 1-2 days
great hopefully they respond and restore my account
still waiting for an email
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still waiting for an email

Hi @crysisblainsss you should be all set - it looks like your account had been frozen, which can happen for a number of reasons but is often due to a security issue, however it has been fully reinstated now so you can sign in again and use the account properly.

Thanks @Ey3OfGenesis for jumping in on this one, your help is much appreciated!