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  • 12 November 2017
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googling this let me think that a lot of people are having this problem

My account username: vinniekibitz that I made a few days ago has just disappeared.
For no reason.
When I try to login with the email address ( )for that account I am prompted to fill out the "create new account" form.

If I try to go look at my account profile at it says
" We can't find that user A report has been sent to our tech team,
and they’re looking into the problem.
Please check back in a bit. "

I did not break any of the rules, I am familiar with all the rules and policies.
I did not make any mistakes spelling my email address and I am using the correct email.
I have all proof of ownership of that account ( confirmation email in registered email, I know my password, when I created it etc. )

Please get back to me ASAP.

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3 replies

I will make a new account with the same username because I am scared that I might loose it but I still want my old one back, I had a decent number of followers on my old account.
doesn't let me sign up with my old email
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Hi there,

If you cannot seem to access your account and none of the things we recommend on our Help Center seem to work, please reach out to our Account Access team for further assistance. You can do so here.