Account Disappeared

  • 27 June 2018
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I was using my account on my computer. When I refreshed a page I was automatically signed out and now my email is not recognized. However, it says my email is still in use so an account cannot be created on it. My account does not show up in searches nor do my tracks. Please help! My account URL is I have a feeling my account was accidentally frozen. Please and thank you!

3 replies

And I know there's no copy wright issues or anything else, I haven't received any contact with soundcloud that I had done something wrong, so I have no idea whats going on. Please, I am a very big supporter of soundcloud as a platform it's all I use and rely on so this hurts! Thanks!
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Hi david,

I've looked into this & checked with our Trust & Safety team, and your account was indeed frozen, but you should be all set now, the account was unfrozen.

Sorry about the troubles.

Can you help me restore my playlist i deleted? 😞 The name of it was "☁️"