Account disappeared

My account disappeared today.
I received an email from Soundcloud trust and safety telling me I uploaded content I should have not and impersonated somebody else. That´s completely not true and I have the permission by labels to post music on my account, that is why the only time I got a strike I was able to have it removed. I would like to get it back, as I worked hard to build it and this behaviour is completely unacceptable.

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@Mathis could you please check this for me? I have exclusive tracks sent me by labels on this channel and they paid for this! I can´t handle using this channel over a misidentificaton
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Hi @WBT Empire Music,

Unfortunately, I won't be able to help with this further directly from my end, however I've checked in with the team. Please reply to the email you've received from the Trust & Safety team about this and provide as much proof as possible that you have permission to post the music (and monetize on it if that is the case).

All the best