Account frozen

  • 8 August 2019
  • 3 replies

Both my friend and I are legit artists with released music on spotify and other platforms. He made a song that he sent around. It's not out yet, but I reported a leaked version of it on soundcloud and a few hours later, my account got blocked.

3 replies

I hope someone can help me, because it's frustrating, or at least help me understand why my account is frozen.
Would be nice if someone actually tried to do their work here. Don't tell me you all don't have time because you have too many other requests and stuff to deal with. Maybe soundcloud should be changed a bit, because right now it's horrible. Also this 'community support'... Y'all don't really seem to care, and it just helps me realise, that I should never spend my money on soundcloud, because it's so fragile, everything I have can get deleted out of nowhere.
It got solved, sorry if I was a bit salty, I was just worried. If anyone finds it who can remove topics, it would be appreciated!