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  • 27 April 2017
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Ok so first off let me be clear that honestly this whole thing was unintentional on my part, I really just thought I was being phished and took quick action. I would also note that it was quite some chore makng a new account and getting to an ample space to report this issue. I couldnt fit it on twitter, and you had no messaging, phone or email listed on any site.

So here's what has happened. Today I received an email (not this account) saying that an email was being added to my account for alternate access. I thought I remembered having an account here, so i Immediately logged in and changed the password and removed the unkown email. It was only then that I started looking at the account, many favorites and users that I would have remembered following. So... my next step was to immediately email that address, and let them know that this was a mistake, I thought my own account was being hijacked, and that after investigation I saw what I thought happened and offered to return the credentials right back to the rightful account owner, and to aoplogize for my knee jerk reaction. But this email bounced - so now I have no clue as to how to contact this person and return their account, because I'm dealing with an apparently dead email address.

I'm thinking that the person just made some typo on adding an email, maybe also on the original. But i must say this this issue couldn't have even happened if your system ONLY allowed the original, verified email to make account changes. For that matter, that there is even instant account access without email verification, I think is a flaw. How was I able to alter the login credentials(even if inadvertantly at the time on an account I believed was mine)?

Please private message me and I will be more specific as to the email and account name.... I need to know how to contact this person or have you do it and return their account ASAP. I reoeat, it's not their account. I made this so i don't even want to log into it, it makes me feel creepy.

Thank you

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Hi there,

Really sorry to hear this has happened to you. I would like to point out a few things here to a) get this investigated further and b) make sure you know how to get in touch with SoundCloud if you're experiencing an issue like this.

a) Please reach out to our Trust & Safety team via the contact form here and explain them what happened. Please make sure to provide them with the account in question, your email address, and the email address that was added, when this happened, etc. - the more information the team has, the better they can investigate.

b) Here's the article on our Help Center that lists the steps you should take when you think your account might have been hacked. How to reach out to us is explained here. Depending on the nature of your query, you might choose a specific way to reach out.

All the best to you,