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  • 2 March 2018
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Hi :)

Our main account got terminated ( worldwide-music-promo ). We didn't even get any warnings. Just years of hard work, snatched away in an instant instead. :(
We need to dispute the email sent to us but if we really are in violation of any terms of service we WILL adhere to everything you tell us to do. So whichever way it is, it's unjust to not even give us a fair chance to rectify things.
The email wasn't clear enough and we believe most of it is a misunderstanding on SoundCloud's behalf. But like said, we will do anything you say to get the account back up and running. We do not use bots and we do not claim to get people followers, likes, plays etc. We simply put people's tracks in playlists and give people the CHOICE to interact if they wish do so. We do not tell anyone to do anything.
We have put years of hard work into the profile since 2013. We search for and curate music. We do a Top 20 showcase, and we listen to people's tracks when they send us them. Lots and lots of people are affected by this account termination. You're not just affecting us.
Please get in touch with us at

Kind regards

Worldwide Music Promotion

4 replies

If I may honestly say what I think... I hate all those repost pages. I see no sense of its existence. Maybe your profile is different and really promote good music but mostly such profiles are not more than trash pages where everything is shared without even getting a knowledge about the content. Moreover in my opinion repost pages have not so much power and influence as they are claiming. It does not help so much as it is said and when I see an artist profile whose fans are mostly repost pages, sorry, but I personally run away.

Anyway, success!
Hi Marta.

That's the problem. There's no maybe about it. We were getting tarred with the same brush. We hate all the dodgy looking repost pages too. They're all over. We put hard work into everything and we were helping people's tracks get found naturally in our playlists. We had different playlists for different genres and were searching out great tracks to highlight in out Top 20. We were unique and that's why so many people were getting in touch with their tracks. There were mixtures of people responding to tracks. I know there are dodgy repost profiles out there causing loads of dodgy bot profiles to like the tracks etc. That wasn't us. What we were doing was highly productive and we had a plethora of good feedback that can't be denied. Many people are effected by this.

Furthermore, despite what anyone's opinions are anyway, the main issue is that SoundCloud no longer answer emails or calls and make it nigh on impossible for people to fairly dispute or rectify anything. They used to be approachable. If anyone knows how to get in touch with an actual person, we'd really appreciate it.
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Were you asking for payment for reposting? A lot of repost accounts that all had a link to the same PayPal account in their profile description got deleted last week.
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Hi Worldwide Music Promotion,

Please reach out to our Trust & Safety team, as this is something they will need to investigate & evaluate in depth. You can reach out to them here.