Accounts using SoundCloud logo

  • 8 January 2018
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I'm noticing lots of profiles using versions of the SoundCloud logo although they are obviously not official SC accounts. Is this allowed?
Should they be reported if we see them?

10 replies

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There are loads out there. As there aren't enough hours in a day to report them all I've temporarily followed them to take sceenshots and hope someone from SoundCloud can delete them that way. Most are bots but some are active accounts selling fake promo.

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There's another here:
Is this really not against SoundCloud policy?
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Oh look, another:
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Hi there Gary & Todd,

Thanks for helping with this! I've let our Trust & Safety team known about this and they are looking into this as I'm writing this.

You two are clearly aware of this process already, but just for the record and for anyone else who comes across this topic, here's how to report spam:

How do I get the official SoundCloud logo to use on our website? We have an account and have several podcasts posted on SoundCloud. I’d like to include the logo on our website so our audience has an option to go to SoundCloud to stream. I do not wish to embed the SoundCloud player on our page.
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I would just do a bing or google search for "soundcloud logo" and see what comes up under images. I don't think someone here will present you with an officially sanctioned one. Depending what platform your website is on it might automatically give a little SoundCloud icon on a SoundCloud link, the same way SoundCloud does for Discogs, Instagram, Twitter etc. if you link to those from your profile.
Thanks Slight. If they don't want unofficial logos used, they really should offer access to assets like the logo from their website. For those of us trying to act responsibly, having to chase down stuff like this makes it very hard.
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There's a couple here using a SoundCloud logo style and adverts selling plays:

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There's a new bunch here. They are all reposting a track from someone calling themselves Bryder Ntwrk. I'm sure I've reported regularly different accounts called Bryder Network in the past 12 months.
There's about 27 of these bots all with the same picture using the SoundCloud logo.


Here is one that I got:

Amanda Morris
hеyy how arе уоu
I'm рlеasеd tо еxhіbіt уour trасk Music From the Goddess Vault Podcast Empath Episode
tо оur SоundСloud FаmоusАссоuntsNetwоrk.
Usuallу аn аrtist gets something like:
✓ 207 new fаns, 3035 lіstenеrs, 313 or еven mоrе vіrаl shаrіng аnd lіkеs, а half-mіnutе vidео about your SC-асcоunt fоr yа.
All the dеtаіls - fоllоw thе lіnk іn mу profіle phоto