Ads in private playlists

  • 20 April 2017
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I'm a music journalist and I get countless Soundcloud streams sent my way as private playlists. It's often the only way I can listen to albums upfront of release so having to listen to adverts in these private streams is pretty irritating. I accept that free services need to generate revenue, but these are private streams. Does anyone else find this as annoying as I do?

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2 replies

I have noticed this as well. Random ads that suddenly start playing when you're listing to music on soundcloud or when a song has ended.
This has never happend to me before. It's sth from the last 3 weeks ago I guess.

If you want a ad-free soundcloud, you will have to pay for a pro account. Even if you don't need all the other features..
Really sad, I don't udnerstand why they don't just add one other account type and call it donator (paid too, but a lot cheaper with less features compared to pro). Just to only get rid of the ads.
But no, it's either paying for pro or sucking up the advertisements :@

As long as there's no cheap account type for a ad free soundcloud, I will continue to use ad blocker. Not going to pay for a pro account when I only listen to music and don't need all the extra jazz..
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Hi there,

Our SoundCloud Go / Go+ subscription actually offers an ad free experience (SoundCloud Pro provides a different set of features). @mynewfavouriteband - thank you for your feedback, will forward to the relevant product team accordingly.