Are cover songs permitted on SoundCloud like they are on Youtube?

  • 28 July 2017
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The Copyright policy for SoundCloud basically uses a lot of words to say, "No, cover songs are not allowed unless you have express permission from the original artist or label." I can accept that, but if that is the case, why are there thousands of cover songs here on SoundCloud? I find it slightly hard to believe that every single artist has asked for permission beforehand. Could someone please clarify the policy on cover songs for SoundCloud, considering that there are so many uploaded? Youtube jumped through a few hoops to protect videos with cover songs on its site, and I'm hoping that there has been a similar situation here. I'm not saying that one should be able to post someone else's content. As I am a songwriter myself, I have respect for other artists. If one is not making money on the cover and have not simply re-uploaded the original, are they permitted? There are so many remixes and covers on SoundCloud that I'm honestly just trying to do right by the policy before I decide to post one. Is there anyone out there who can clear this up for me? Thank you!

4 replies

I'm in exactly the same position as Adrienne.
So, Mr. Soundcloud, could we have a clear and definitive response to these questions?
make good enough covers such that "algorithms" won't catch it, and you'll be good. otherwise, make your own music, or stick with youtube as your platform?
My hunch is that this is to cover SoundCloud legally if an artist complains -- the burden gets passed on to you. And most artists are not complaining. But you never know. I got dinged on YouTube for doing a Supertramp cover. I think since then they've actually worked out something with ASCAP where the artist gets paid if someone plays your cover... but I'm not trying another Supertramp cover, just the same.
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Please see here for more info:

And here in case your cover has been blocked:

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