Are "FanGates" currently legal on SoundCloud? ie. A fan has to follow my accounts and repost my song to download it through a 3rd party app

  • 4 January 2016
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Are "FanGates" currently legal on SoundCloud? Ie is it okay to require fans to "follow" & "repost" my song / soundcloud to download the song by using a third party app? Is it okay to require the fan to follow both my personal and music SoundCloud to download it?

2 replies

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Hi Alexander,
We require all connected applications to adhere to our ToUs and guidelines (which you can find here). While it is difficult to give you a definite answer without knowing which service you plan on using, we can confirm that the use of “fangates” are generally permitted, providing that you provide a clear overview of what a user is agreeing to before they can DL your track (e.g. you must clearly state which accounts will be followed etc.)

Hope that is helpful,

Hi@Gina are these fangates ok? They make users follow hidden channels that are part of "networks" and then charge repost fees from Artists?

isnt this a clear violation of Soundcloud TOS? Can you please take a look?