Banned from following new people :/

  • 30 January 2017
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I listen to new music regularly and I usually follow what I like. It's true that in the past I mass-followed a lot (150 people in several minutes because why not) over short periods of time and got a 2 day block from it, but now it's definitely not the case. I don't think 40-something follows in two days counts as a lot, seeing how I use SoundCloud most of the time to listen to new music and find new producers. Got a 7 day ban now though 😕 Would love to get this fixed, is there any way to do that? It's... so not fair 😕 Especially seeing that I shell out 7$ (that's like... 7 ice creams) for a Pro account.

Please help 😞

1 reply

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Hello Decypher,

To clear up any confusion you did not hit a limit for following too many accounts, but instead for re-following the same accounts. Our Trust & Safety team has implemented a limit in response to the community's request to curb behavior where an account follows, unfollows and then re-follows the same account(s) again in a short period of time in order to unfairly boost their own followings.

Based on this feedback from our users, who said it was causing annoyance and confusion, we have put limits in place to restrict this behavior. Your account has been blocked from following and unfollowing for this reason. As we wish to prevent this activity in the future, if you run in to this limit repeatedly, each block you receive will increase in length.

These limits are in place to address community complaints about accounts overusing, or using features in a way other than as they were intended. We hope you can appreciate why we felt it necessary to put these limits in place.


P.S.: Your current block will automatically be released in 6 days. More info on our feature use policies can be found here.