• 24 December 2018
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Hello. I am not able to block the user who is following me in SoundCloud. Pls help me
I want to block Julia who is following me.
Looks like that user profile is a spam pls help me blocking me soon and let me trouble free

2 replies

I have the same issue.
I just joined, cause, I wanna be able to listen to music. Cause, YouTube won't allow picture-in-picture with music, unless I buy premium to download it.
I don't want some twenty year old woman following, me, a thirteen year old girl, asking for sex. That's so disturbing... I can't seem to block this lady.
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear this has been happening to you. Please see here for a step by step to learn how to block & report such users.

Reporting them helps our Trust & Safety team identify other linked accounts, patterns, etc as well, to continue improving spam prevention and detection.

All the best