Blocked for asking permission, why?

  • 11 February 2018
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(sorry for my english, im Italian)
So, im a dj, half of my work is searching for new tracks. It already happened to me that even if a track was in free download, the author doesnt want to let other people to play it. Because i stream my dj set, ive get a strike for copyright. I've changed my way to move, and now every time i find a good track, i ask to the creator if i can use it in a stream. As i said, my english sucks, so i've copypasted a preset sentence, until i get warned that if i continue with this behaviour i will get blocked for messaging other people. Im ok with that, so i've started messaging the artist by hand, losing a lot of time trying to express myself. But now i cant use messages for 20 hours, cause it is spam and can damage the community.
My question is: what i am supposed to do?? Not every artist have an email/facebook, and i dont want to download tracks and then delete it because the creator dont want me to play it! For now, my work is blocked for 20 hours, i cannot ask producer for their tracks and cannot answer their question.

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