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  • 16 March 2018
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Hey, I am facing a seriously annoying problem. A couple of months ago i got banned a couple of times from commenting due to copy and pasting on too many songs. I have recently quit copying and pasting to promote and instead i have been writing my own comments and switching it up everytime i comment. For some reason I got banned from commenting about two weeks ago. It didnt even tell me how long i was getting banned or why! After about 14 whole days it finally let me comment again. When i got these privileges back, I commented on about 3 songs and then I got blocked again! It again didnt tell me why i was getting blocked or how long it was going to last it just deosnt let me comment. This is VERY annoying to me considering I put in a lot of time to my music and I mainly promote it by using soundcloud comment sections. Please undo this ban: or help me fix it! Thank you

2 replies

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Did you ever get an answer to your problem Dg? Is this what the future holds for us all?
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SoundCloud needs to pay attention. I spent seven years helping build this community and I’ll do everything i can to convince everyone in my network to switch platforms if SoundCloud continues to throws its best users under the bus.