Blocked from commenting for no reason and without warning yesterday and no response to raised support tickets

  • 30 March 2018
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My pro unlimited account was blocked from commenting for no reason and without warning yesterday. Since I always comment in person manually, always listen before commenting unless I respond to feedback on my own tracks, I must assume that my account was potentially hacked or the software which suddenly considered my account as spamming should better be fixed.
I raised the ticked yesterday with no response, checked in help community as well to only find a lot of people facing the same issue but no resolution.
May I ask to address this at your earliest convenience as it dramatically affects the overall experience with soundcloud.
Many thanks

5 replies

Same here. Haven't written any comment last 24 hours, logged in today, wanted to drop comment on a song I really liked and bang, blocked without warning.
I also got a block. I wonder if SC is a social platform, or that we are all mistaken? I've just sent this email to support:


I was just listening to tracks on soundcloud, commenting and replying to comments, as you do when you enjoy the music you hear, isn't it? I really feel I do this in an honest and genuine way. But now I got blocked with a warning in my screen. And the warning said I was warned before. However, I did notice before that commenting didn't work, but I never received a warning. So I thought the site was just not working properly. Apparently I was naive...

I'm kind of offended by this. Isn't soundcloud also supposed to be a social media platform? All i do is being passionate and try to bring joy in other musicians lives, just by being social...
Could you please have a look at my comments and see for yourself if your anti-spam system behaves in a justified manner?

Sorry if my email sounds harsh, but it really doesn't make me happy being treated like a spammer...

Hope to hear from you.

Best regards,
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Hi there,

Apologies about the inconvenience. We've received reports from a number of users about this happening recently, and I've checked in with our Trust & Safety team about this. They have readjusted the system that controls these kinds of blocks. Unfortunately, the large amount of spam and fake activity on SoundCloud requires the team to have these kinds of limits & systems in place, it is an ongoing struggle. :-/

I hope everyone who has contributed to this topic on the help community is all set again now.

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Oh man,I really hope this is true and we can get on with just listening and sharing music. It's been a ballache for many users this past week,so I hope it's over.

Thank you for your reply @Mathis If only someone had responded a little faster,even to let folk know work was in progress,I think everyone would have been more content. Not knowing is the worst.
@Mathis Thank you for the reply. I also got a reply in my inbox from one of your colleagues. Much appreciated. I agree you need to have a system in place for spam. But it would be better I think to have the system focusing on whether the comments are genuine instead of the number of comments. Sometimes when your interacting or listening to music the number of comments just adds up. I can imagine such algorithms are more difficult to create, but just focusing on numbers will only affect people using bots to adjust theirs a little bit, while the real folks getting caught in your nets... Just focusing on quantity will never be enough, and you/soundcloud will only maintain a rat race...

In the meanwhile I'm happy to be free again 😃