Blocked from following - had just been setting up my new account - how much is allowed?

  • 24 April 2019
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I came from Twitter and wanted to add/follow a lot of my old "friends" plus, of course, the many bands I like. So I started to like/follow a lot of bands.

I have got a private user (being no professional band/musician and not having uploaded/linked any music files by now)free account.

Yesterday I was wondering why following would not work anymore.

I clicked the follow button, but without any consequences. So I tried again and again with various SC users (bands and friends) not understanding why it would not work anymore.

It's only today that I am using my PC again (normally I use a smartphone) and only now I see that I have been blocked from following.

I must say I cannot believe this. It would never have occured to me that there could be any restrictions from following people. Why should? Who could I harm by that?

I can't even follow back my few followers and I have not yet followed all of my favourite musicians/labels/friends.

How many people can I follow per day?

And why is the following function so different from following users on Twitter or Bandcamp? I can follow hundreds of people there in an hour without any problem.

I don't spam, I have not even uploaded/linked any music which I could like to spread/promote.

It's a simple fan account for music.

But is Soundcloud not meant to share music I like with others?

Why is the number of people I am allowed to follow per day restricted?

And why is there no information on the smartphone/tablet that I am blocked from the following function for a day?

I would have like to be informed earlier that a user is only allowed to follow a certain number of other users per day.

Please let me know how much following/liking is allowed per day/account.

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