Blocked From Liking With No Indication

  • 10 August 2018
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"Please note if you keep getting these warnings, your liking abilities will be blocked as outlined in our Terms of Use." I have been blocked in the past for liking too many things because I made a new account, had to relike all the HUNDREDS of tracks I have listened to in the past, would literally have to form an algorithm to wait a day before I started liking again, etc. However this is the second time I've gone on a liking spree on the MOBILE app and it hasn't stopped me, giving me a notification, or told me ANYTHING. So now I'm blocked from liking with NO TIME STAMP. I've read MANY guides on this so I don't need an explanation as to why I've been banned, but I can't find a single one on the topic of being blocked permanently. All I ask for is a reset on all my banns because I've gotten all the tracks I enjoy pretty much re-"liked" by now(excluding those artists whose songs I already know I enjoy but haven't had a chance to "like" them on soundcloud yet, but whatever)

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