blurry profile pictures

  • 17 February 2017
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The profile picture on the left side next to the track description looks like a thumpnail blown up to 500x500 px.
Viewing the profile page the same picture looks very good and sharp.
Whats wrong?

Best answer by Voyager 27 February 2017, 17:12

Fixed now...Thank you!
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3 replies

I got the same problem...Tried all the resolutions possible from 1000x1000px to 4000x4000, also from 72 dpi all the way up to 600dpi, profile picture on individual tracks is always blurred.
On the main page it looks perfect, and funny enough, when I upload a new profile image and then clic on a track, the very first time the circular profile image (next to the track description) looks perfect, but when I actualize that page, it becomes blurry and stays like that. Tried on different computers and problem is the same: the image in the circle next to track description is blurred.
any idea?
I've only noticed this happening very recently.

Profile picture in header:

Picture next to track on profile page:

Picture on individual track page:

Fixed now...Thank you!