• 19 February 2018
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Hi all!

First of all I would like to mention that I Have written on e-mail adress of SoundCloud but automatic respond convince me that I can do that only here.

Last time I Have written here over Voda Records and their bots. This time a bit different story but maybe after writing here, SoundCloud will do something with this! I know it is never ending war but I need to say that I was shocked and
ashamed after visiting one profile...
I am a fan of techno music so all Big names I rather know. And surprisingly those great techno djs are writing comments at one small profile.... I needed to check this. Here what I have found.

This account is using bots with REAL WELL KNOWN DJ NAMES:
On this account under uploaded songs are lots of bots with their bot comments. I would be not reacting this way if this person would be using anonymous names but she is using Real names of worldwide know techno dj’s like Monika Kruse or Miss Kittin’ or Kerstin Eden. And this is not fine.
She got also bots with common names but all are active under her uploaded songs.

Here is the list I Have found and reported via Website but with my experience with Voda Records I Have realized that reporting not always ends with success:

I hope that SoundCloud of you people by reporting can get good worldwide known artists back their real name.



11 replies

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I've reported a lot of these. Have you done the same? I know it takes a while as they need to be done individually, but if SoundCloud are getting a few reports on each one they are more likely to be deleted quicker.
Yes. I Have done. I always report bots when they follow me and in such cases.
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My colleague has sent a message to the real Ellen Allien:
about the spambot with her name:
Hi slight and thank you for doing that. It was also in my head to write real Monika Kruse, Miss Kittin, Ellen Allien and Kerstin Eden. I also want to listen or check with Shazam other tracks of Alex Rozz when I Have time because one od the track she claims is her is from Marika Rossa and I Have found it after bots. It is in another topic Alex Rozz has a new follower and it is again Ellen Allien .
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I think this might all be some kind of spam to promote the WeChat app that is in the Alex Rozz profile description:

One of the spambots says the same thing:

I've also seen that the strange comments the spambots make on the stolen tracks Alex Rozz is posting are the same ones that Alex Rozz makes on other people's tracks.
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Hi everyone,

Thank you for reporting. I have forwarded your post internally for this to be investigated. Our Trust & Safety is reviewing all of the reports that are coming in. Please see here if in doubt how to best report these:

All the best
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This is the Instagram account "Alex Rozz" steals his/her photos from:
One of the repost bots is called Eugenia Cooney:
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And something else he has stolen. His header image:
It is a band from Spain called Dawn Of The Maya:

The phone number on his profile has the international code for Nicaragua.
The bots in the original post are now deleted, but he has made some more:
New bots came in... after stealing tracks and all I think this profile should be just deleted as soon as possible.