Bots are acceptable and desirable according to Soundcloud

  • 19 June 2019
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The community guidelines state: The following activity is not permitted: … Services that sell social interactions or other forms of promotion on SoundCloud.

But we all know what happens. You post a new track and instantly get dozens of likes but zero plays. Every single like is from a bot, posing as a real person, trying to sell you followers and likes that will undoubtedly also come from more bots posing as real people.

I contacted Soundcloud support about this. Here's their response:

Thanks for writing in. I can let you know that services like this are not in direct violation of our Terms. In the past, we have taken a more hardline stance on removing profiles offering these services. However, after much consideration, and from speaking to many artists, we have come to the conclusion that promotion services which charge their customers for their services are seen as a valuable tool for some creators.

Now I don't know about you, but as an artist, if I want promotion I am perfectly capable of finding it myself. I don’t benefit at all from a new set of 10 spambots posing as human beings fake-liking my track every single time I post a new one. I want to connect with real people who want to hear my music, even if that’s three people a year.

More and more I'm seeing that Soundcloud is a ghost town dominated by scams. And the support team has now verified that even the community guidelines are a lie. There is no trust to be had.

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