Broken Geo Blocking

Hi to all mods, Two days ago my account randomly geoblocked my home country Canada. I am very upset about this, my plays have gone done considerably and I have lost followers. All of my tracks are unavailable in Canada even though my geoblocking isn't on at all I've tried messing with the geoblocking settings and nothing. Please fix this! I pay for a pro account! I need all of my music to be available globally. I don't know if this issue is limited to just my home country or others as well, I know it works in the states but I'm not sure if it works anywhere else. I contacted my distribution and they said they have no control over geoblocking whatsoever. I tried soundcloud support on twitter and they said it was my distribution. Then I talked to my distribution again and said geoblocking is only configurable on the soundcloud website so it's soundcloud.

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Nothing please someone help me. No one in my country can listen to my music.
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mine has spread from the uk to everywhere but the usa & they still do nothing !!! KarNeVor
I have the same Issue!!!! Please help?
We have the same problem. Have done for LITERALLY months. Complained so many times and never yet had a proper answer. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - we have a random selection of tracks on our Pro Account are geo-blocked in our home (UK) territory - I suspect some kind of internal glitch but since no-one gets back to our emails, complaints etc etc, this has dragged on and on... at least 3 people in our office have open seperate enquiries about this - as I say - over months, and can't get anywhere. VERY FRUSTRATING.
BTW - we have been beginning to make a noise on Twitter @SCsupport - here at least we have been responded to. Come join us. Lets speak in public!
This is us: and here on Twitter
Same problem for half of my music.. WTF is this shit?!!?!
Same problem for half of my music.. WTF is this shit?!!?!

I have no idea - we've been seeking answers for ages. I suspect there may be an internal bug of some sort, but it is seriously annoying to be paying for a service that we don't actually get. A random selection of our music is hosted globally and the rest geo-blocked so people in the UK can't hear it!!! We've tried to contact tech support SO many times, but got no response. It's been going on for months. Come and speak up on the Twitter - share, repost etc - they seem more responsive when it's in Public... maybe we should start a hashtag!?
haha I did #geococks

It's fucking annoying.. I don't even remember selecting that geo shit anyway, it's confusing! Just host my damn music. How hard is that?!

Im going back to myspace.....
Yeah thanks twats
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soundcloud told me it was coz im with distrokid are you with distrokid ??
soundcloud told me it was coz im with distrokid are you with distrokid ??

No - and we can't even get an answer out of them! The weird thing is some of our tracks - including remixes of the same ones - and indeed the same ones on artist own pages - are fine. They just get geoblocked on ours. We have tried everything in edit to undo it but it always resets. It also happens with other random tracks... I think it's a bug.
#unsoundcloud ???
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As a listener, since the last update of FF on the esr channel (I still use WinXP on my main PC), I too just am starting to get plenty of Not available in Sweden, although I know all the mixes are fully legit and shouldn't be geoblocked. Any MODS doing their work out there??? See to fixing this ASAP!!!
I have a SoundCloud GO+ account and I'm seeing songs marked as 'Not available in Canada'. Sometimes only one track from an album playlist. What gives?