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  • 24 June 2018
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I have recently been revamping my profile with a new name, look, style, etc. I was able to change my display name, banner image, profile image, but I can't change my profile URL. I click the button and nothing happens. I'll format the rest of this like a bug report.

1) Log into soundcloud
2) Navigate to personal profile page
3) Click the Edit button at the top of profile
4) Click the edit symbol next to "Profile URL"
5) Change the URL to something else in alphanumeric characters. (I used only letters)
6) Press Enter, or alternatively:
7) Press "Save Changes"
8.) Observe that the edit window does not close.

EXPECTED RESULT: The URL of the profile changes and the edit window closes.
ACTUAL RESULT: The URL of the profile stays the same and the edit window remains open.

PREDICTED IMPACT: Loss of revenue for affected artists.

TEST PLATFORMS: This bug occurs on every browser I tested (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox) and on multiple PC desktops. I haven't tested mobile yet.

I am a Soundcloud Pro user, if that information means anything in this case. Also, I'm trying to change my URL from to because that's my new name (zevex was already used by a few other people).

If a Soundcloud admin could change this URL manually for me, that would be nice (note it's "meter" as in "meters per second"). But hopefully the devs can fix the actual bug because I'm sure other people are affected. I found a similar bug reported more than a year ago. Mods, if you could please refer this bug to the devs.

Best answer by Mathis 26 June 2018, 10:41

Hi @Dreameter,

The URL was blocked due to the previous owner being a fake / spam account. Try going for the URL again now and you should be fine 🙂
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4 replies

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Whoever has a solution, please also PM me on Soundcloud or email me at jtbswartz AT yahoo DOT com. I'm fairly sure I subscribed successfully to this thread but I have never used the community feature before so I just want to make certain that I get notified of any reply.
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Hi @Dreameter,

The URL was blocked due to the previous owner being a fake / spam account. Try going for the URL again now and you should be fine 🙂
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P.S.: Actually, already executed for you. Your URL is now updated.

Happy SoundClouding.
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@Mathis Thank you so much! What bad luck I have to accidentally choose the URL of someone trying to spam! It definitely didn't stand out to me as an option so I greatly appreciate your input and also the fact that you changed it for me. You are awesome and have a great day 🙂