can not link bank account to paypal

  • 15 July 2019
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I have been trying to pay for a pro account again (had one before) for this account, and your system makes it not possible.

When i click Paypal, it tells me to link a bank account, while a bank account is, and has been for 10+ years, linked to my Paypal account, and I have never had any problems sending and receiving payments, or transferring funds to and from my bank account to this paypal account.

So I type in the IBAN, or BLZ and Konto Nummer, and the screen tells me either:

"This bank account is already added" –– and returns to this screen when i click NEXT; or

"This bank account can not be added, please try another".

And it is stuck on this screen so I can not proceed to complete the transaction.

I have been trying this for 3 weeks now from different browsers. I have been to my bank, Deutsche Bank, twice, and each time being told that there is zero problem or any kind of blocks from them.


How can your system fuck up such a simple transaction? Never any problems with any other online shops.

Please fix the problem or tell me how to proceed.

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