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  • 24 March 2017
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have not been able to change url for over a year now. also can not get a response from SC or anyone for that matter.
the forum was not much help before but seems even worse now.
any answer or response from SC that they said "solved" was a joke! and resulted in no help at all, just the same generic stock bs answer blah blah blah!
I love SC but their customer service SUCKS! and at times they seem almost hostile to their users.
ive posted about this before and other issues and all ive ever got was a big fat nothing.
rant over!
can someone, anyone please help?????

Best answer by Apocrypha 29 March 2017, 21:07

wish i could get some help
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8 replies

Yes, I am having the same problem:(
That is why I joined the support community.

I am having trouble changing my profile url from

Everytime I click save, it won't seem to save:( And the name is available too so I don't know why it's not saving.

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@James, you should be all set - the URL was blocked due to the previous owner of the URL being a "fake" user.

@Apocrypha - sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience with our customer service so far. Unfortunately, you do not mention the URL that you're going for, hence I cannot look into your case right away.

If changing your URL does not seem to work, chances are that the URL you're going for is blocked either due to being fake, or due to the previous owner infringing copyrights repeatedly (in which case the URL will be gone for good and cannot be freed up).

Let us know the URL you're trying to go for and we can look into this for you. Looking forward to hearing from you again.

@Mathis Thank You so much!^_^
I really appreciate the way you take care of users' issues. How quickly you were able to respond, really means a lot to me & that you were able to solve my problem. Thank you again!=)

wish i could get some help
Mathis, it doesnt seem to matter what URL i try, it wont accept ANYTHING i put in. ?????
I would like for it to simply be
Ive tried just making up anything, no matter what i put in it will not work.
any help would GREATLY be appreciated.
I just now discovered clicking on the URL above that it is taken, with that said i can make a variation but even when ive tried nothing seems to work. ????? even when ive just made up random stuff. ?????
lets try there seems to be no one using this.
just tried again, nothing will work, it just says use letters numbers etc, no matter what i put in it wont take it.
also for weeks now ive tried to sign up for pro account and whenever i click on it the page will never load, its just stuck.
Also ive posted about this before with really no resolution about re-posting policy. Everyone has the ability to block another user if they feel they are getting spammed so i cant understand the need for SC to block re-posting
thanks again.
I'm also having trouble saving my Profile URL. I used 'snack' right from the beginning and someday you changed it to a different one. Now I'm unable to revese the process and change it to the original. The address seems to be free - there is no other profile under this URL.

I would be nice if somebody could explain to me - what had happened.

I've been trying to change my url from amhed-yasin-6 to A-Y-LBOE-780 but it won't let me. How come?
I got the same problem. I cant change my profile url. how can I solve it?