Can't delete my tracks

  • 21 April 2015
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I have some tracks that can't be postet because af copyright infringment (or something), but they are still in my "tracks" and i can't delete them. This makes it seem that i have a lot more time spent on my "profile" than i really have - and i would like to upload more without deleting the stuff i have there now.

Can you help?

2 replies

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Hi there,

Thank you for posting. If a track is blocked due to copyrights, then this will not go against your quota, so please don't worry about that. However, the will still show on your "tracks" page (this page can only be accessed by yourself). If you have further questions about this, I'd recommend to get in touch with our Copyrights team directly. You can reach out right here.

All the best,
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i cant delete two uploads which are currently on profile .. its not giving me an option .. bearing in mind these two uploads did not pass soundcloud rules due to copyright issues can somebody please help me delete them as its still using up my 6 hour plan by 2 hours even tho i cant play them .. help me thanks