Can't log in / All tracks deleted?????

What the hell? I can't log into my account (it redirects me to make a new account using my email that i have for saku.ra) and I cant find my channel, and I find it through my phone and it says sc isn't responding. What is going on. The rest of the website and other tracks work perfectly. I had NO warning? I find my channel but it doesnt even load the tracks it says that something went wrong. I have put my heart and soul into this channel, don't fuck with me like that. Solve this, for the love of god.

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I have exactly the same problem. Soundcloud team what is going on?
The same thing here and for many people right now! What the hell is happening?!
same here 🙂 calm down they will fix it
okay its nice to see thats its a community thing, i thought i was falling off the boat alone. lets just wait for a fix
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it works now!!!
To my also same thing happens to me. When going is to solve?
same here cannot log into my account
I checked the status blog - it's been acknowledged.
I can get in ok now (UK) ...
I am back in now but it took almost 1 hour (UK)
Same problems for me !!
I can log-in now but i can't see all tracks !!!
they must solve it quickly (IT)