Can't login to Soundcloud.

  • 30 April 2018
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I have this issue that i cannot log-in anymore.
I log in via Facebook doesn't work anymore.

I try to login on Soundcloud by the Facebook pop-up. The pop-up won't show when i click the button. Same goes for google login.
I'm using Google chrome browser.

When i open soundcloud via a incognito browser the pop-up shows but when i log-in i get " Something unexpected happend. Try again."

Edit 1: On my Phone i'm still logged in. For me its pure a PC problem.

6 replies

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i think they're woring rn...
Mine has done the same. But it let me sign in to make a comment for this...weird.
I managed to sign in, but I can't access Stream nor can I search. Still can listen to music history and my liked songs oddly enough :D
But yes, as @Modern Manners said, it sounds like SC servers are having a hiccup.
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Hi there,

Sorry about this - hope things are back to normal by now?
Weird: I can login here, but not in the "standard" soundcloud environment
I have this problem every time I attach a JWT token to my browser during web development. It creates crazy symptoms.

So if you login and it just loads the logout page over and over again, it could be that you attached a JWT token to your browser headers,

like: Authorization: hos9e486hyvsp93485vhso9e48vhsoe489vhsop489vhap9we48vh