Can't login via app

  • 28 November 2016
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Dear guys or developers help me please! About week can't login by app (iPhone 6). Tried via facebook, google+, e-mail and password, just see Welcome Screen. What should I do?

7 replies

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Hmm, can you still sign in properly on a computer web browser? Also, have you tried restarting your device entirely? Deleting the app, restarting, then downloading it again? Tested a different internet connection?

Let the community know how it went.

I have tried:
– Restart Iphone
– Delete/Install app Soundcloud via appstore
– Delete/Install Soundcloud access through Facebook
– Delete site Soundcloud info (iPhone>Preferences>Safari>Extensions> Sites Data)
– Different internet connection

Additional Information:
– Soundcloud work properly via Safari on my computer
– Soundcloud don't work via Safari on iPhone (web version) "The certificate for this server is invalid” error"
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Hi again KAI,

Hmm, quite odd - haven't seen this type of report in a long time.

Any chance you can try and sign in with another account, for instance a friend's account?
What iOS are you on?

If this also doesn't help either, can you try revoking access to any connected apps via a computer web browser, then try again on your phone?

Let us know how it goes. Fingers crossed!

– Just tried with another old account, the same story((
– Latest iOS 10.11
– Revoked yesterday and today, didn't help.

I think this problem may be connect somehow with Safari certificates...cause Web-version not working too.

Mathis, thank you for your support
Btw, tracks from Soundcloud in Hype Machine app not playing too.
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Hi again KAI,

Hmm, quite odd indeed. Hmm, let's see. I've asked our engineers and they currently don't see where this might be coming from. I did notice one of the email addresses on your account bounced when we tried sending an email that way so you might want to look into this.

Other than that, it is not possible to visit the desktop version of actually - on an iPhone, you would be forwarded to the mobile site, from where you can play tracks, but it is not possible to sign in to an account from there.

Have you set up a VPN on your phone, or does your phone have any company certificates installed (e.g. if you're using a phone provided by your employer, their IT department might have installed these).

If you continue to see troubles with Safari certificates on your iPhone, please take a screenshot and send it over - I'd be interested to see how this looks.

Hello Mathis, sorry for the long reply.
– My e-mail address work properly (And I've changed the password of Soundcloud, just in case of this problem)
– I've attached screenshots of Safari and Chrome
– No, I don't use any VPN services, and no any company certificates installed (btw I don't know where to find these certificates on iPhone)

I guess, I'm the only one person with this problem)It's a honor :D