Can't validate new profile url

  • 21 November 2016
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Hi there! Soundcloud doesn't validate my new profile url, yet I'm only using lower-case letters, and the url isn't taken.

When clicking on the "save" button, there's a warning at the bottom of the page saying:
"you're about to replace your former url *** this will affect all the links already published outside of soundcloud. Don't forget to modify them too." (cf. image)

No matter how many times I click on the save button, nothing changes. And no modification is taken into account.
Any ideas about what could be done?
Thanks a lot in advance!

3 replies

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Hey hey,

Looks like you were able to get this sorted with ChloƩ earlier today - perfect! Always best to reach out directly if a URL seems to be blocked but not taken to see if there is something we can do from our end to help (which is not always the case).

Happy SoundClouding,
REALLY!?!?! ALL of the URL issue have the same reply. I'm still not able to resolve my issue and I go to the forum for help to see the SAME REPLY ON EVERY ONE!! "Looks like you were able to get this sorted with BLAH BLAH earlier today" so I get no answers from the forum and leaves us to ask the same question over and over and over again
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Hi DJ NRG Music,

Sorry about this. Please see here for general info on URLs that might be taken.

If it doesn't seem to be the case that the URL is actually taken (i.e., when you go to the URL, you're getting an error page), please try and send an email to trust[at] for an investigation. Make sure to provide the URL you're trying to grab. There are basically two things that can cause the issue: the account with the URL was suspended due to being spam, or the account was terminated due to repeated copyright infringement.

Our product team is looking into ways to improve the overall process in those cases in the future, but for now you'll be best off sending a direct email.