Can't verify email on this account

  • 8 June 2017
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I've made this account a while ago but I wanna use it now and I can't verify the email. Note: It doesn't say (Not verified) or sth like that next to my email anymore on soundcloud.

I've clicked the button to resend the email to confirm it but nothing happened. Then I made another email which i confirmed and made it the primary email, while deleting the other one. However, it still says my email is not verified.

Any help?

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Nevermind it fixed itself
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2 replies

Nevermind it fixed itself
hi, I'm trying to verify my email, but when I click the link in my inbox, it takes me to the Soundcloud Stream page and doesn't do anything. I have tried deleting my account then making a new one but that doesn't work either. What do I do?