Cannot change profile URL

  • 18 December 2016
  • 2 replies

I have been attempting to change my URL from to

When I save changes I get this "Please note:You’re about to replace your old URL This will affect all links you’ve already posted outside of SoundCloud. Make sure you don’t forget to update these too." and within 5 minutes my URL reverts.

2 replies

Hi Modius,

I am having the exact same issue and can't seem to find any solutions.
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Hi there,

@modius, really sorry about this one - this went totally unresponded. I've looked into it now and am sorry to say the URL is blocked due to the previous owner of this url being suspended for repeated copyright infringement. In this case, I can no longer free up the URL for another user. It's gone.

@TENANT - yours was a different issue, and you should now be able to grab that URL.