Cannot enter text into 'Sign In' popup on soundcloud homepage *or* /login

  • 3 November 2016
  • 1 reply

When I try to login, I am unable to change the text in the username/email field. It flickers the focus in and out really fast. I use iCloud keychain and I see that popup suggestions but it quickly disappears. I cant delete or add text. Really annoying because I cant switch accounts on safari.

MacOS 10.12.1
Safari 10.0.1 & 10.1

1 reply

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Hi there,

Hmm, that sounds odd! Have you tried to sign in without using the iCloud keychain to see if that works? Other than that, please try and apply our basic troubleshooting steps.

These can often help solving issues like yours, or isolate the root cause.

Let us know how it went.