cannot log in to website

  • 31 July 2015
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I've tried multiple times with multiple browsers on multiple PCs. Every time I log into the webpage I immediately get logged out. I log in fine on the mobile app, but the web page just won't let me log in. I've also reset my password, cleared all browsing history and disabled all add-ons/extensions. It even has this problem in Microsoft Edge. My password even lets me log into this page fine.

8 replies

Same here. This problem has been going on for a while now...
Ah I am having the same problem, just got in touch with soundcloud via Twitter; it's reassuring to discover I am not the only person having problems getting into my account. I deleted the app from my phone and tablet in case multiple log ins were causing the problem and I also deleted all my browser cookies etc. so am not sure what else I can really do at this end?
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Is this still an issue for anyone? Please let us know.

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When I log into soundcloud, with correct details, it logs me in, refreshes and then logs me out again.
Hello Gina

The problem seems to be corrected at this point. Thanks!

Is this still an issue for anyone? Please let us know.


Yes it is an issue. It is not refusing to accept my name or password. The screen just blinks and goes back to log in, with no comment
I need help deleting an account that I don't have access to anymore. How do I do that. I can't log into that account anymore either. I just created a new today but need the old one gone. I don't have email or password for that old account anymore. The old one is