Cannot stop email notifications - settings page is blank!

  • 10 April 2016
  • 6 replies

Email notifications for everything (share, like etc) have suddenly started appearing in my email inbox when originally I only had message notifications selected.

I've gone to the notifications settings page and it is blank!

I've tried it in several browsers.

Please help!

thanks in advance 🙂

6 replies

Suffering : ) from the same problem even if you click on the unsubscribe found at the top of email notification, it will take you to the same blank Notification page.
Blank for me too.. tried on Chrome and Firefox
Exactly the same problem her,e, notifications page is blank! I was looking for it because I haven _t got information emails about new tracks of the people I am following anymore since about 1 month, which can _t be the case. Apart from the "blank" problem, does anyone know if Soundcloud stopped offering email notifications about new tracks of the people I follow? Thanks 🙂
ive been having this problem too. but i stopped recieving soundcloud notification emails so i wanted to check what my settings were and why they changed. but the page just wont load
Yea, exactly the same. No more soundcloud emails since a while and hence also wanted to check the notification settings and they are blank:(
Same here!