Cannot update my profile without updating my (apparently too long) URL?

  • 20 March 2019
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I have a Soundcloud Pro account which we use to upload mixes for our community.

When I go to update my profile Bio, and click save, I run into some form validation on the URL field that says: "Profile URLs must be between 3 and 25 characters."

I am not attempting to update the Profile URL, just the Bio.

I assume that I am grandfathered in somehow to having a profile URL that is over 25 characters (by my count it's 29 characters), because I somehow was able to get this profile URL originally. Luckily it is not kicking me off of my URL. However this is restricting me from updating my profile.

We currently have 22 episodes that are linked to from all across ours and our affiliates social media accounts. I have no interest in breaking all of these links just to update my URL. Also, our tag (theafternoonumbrellafriends) is shared across all of our social media accounts - facebook, instagram, twitter... It's out of the question for us to change this on SoundCloud.

Can I get somebody from the support team to help me update my profile without losing my precious URL?


Milad Imen
The Afternoon Umbrella Friends

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