Cant create new account

  • 3 December 2016
  • 1 reply

Hi - I wish to create a new account for myself. I am not logged into my current account when I try and do this.

When I try, SC is asking me to log in to an existing acct (it sees I am not currently logged in, but I do not want to log in to an existing acct - I want to create a new one. What do to please? Thank you.

1 reply

I also had the same problem but I found a solution by coming here :)

You can click sign in on the top bar from help community, and then click ''connect with soundcloud''. Then you will be redirected to a sign in page where you can click ''create an account''.

It worked for me. Hope I was able to help :)

NOTE: You can only do this through soundcloud community website