cant unlike 8 songs

  • 23 May 2017
  • 3 replies

hi i wanted to unlike some songs but it wont let me. anytime i press the unlike button, it relikes it and goes to the top of the list. please help, i dont like these songs

3 replies

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Please be sure to revoke access for any third party apps in your connection settings as well:
Same happening to me and many others. It may have something to do with a public track later being made private or removed and when a request is made to remove it from a playlist or likes it gets some sort of permissions error.
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Are these songs that got automatically liked for you when you pressed a "free download" button and had to give your SoundCloud login details? You need to make sure you sign out, otherwise it seems that the promo scam site still has control of your profile. When you sign in again you should be able to unlike the songs.