• 28 March 2019
  • 2 replies

I use Logic Pro to create music. There is a feature in Logic that is Share to Soundcloud. When i use this feature, I get endless displays of Captcha asking me to identify all the busses, the storefronts etc. I do that but it never ends and it never allows me to sign in and upload a track. Very annoying and basically renders soundcloud useless to me. Any ideas. I do not have this issue when i log in from a browser for some reason.

2 replies

I can't get past captcha either. Endless boxes that continually tell me I'm wrong. Completely, utterly busted. Might as well just remove the feature - just take it out. It will be just as effective, just less frustrating.
Same here with Share to Soundcloud, veeeeery annoying, all the time, again and again! Please fix it Soundcloud!!!