We posted our performance of Beethoven Seventh Symphony, a work long in public domain and for which we have streaming rights, but it was taken down because it "resembled" a work by the LA Philharmonic. Classical music performances are very different from popular music and the same works in the public domain (I'm not including contemporary works that are under copyright) are played and recorded by thousands of ensembles. Your copyright infringement bot needs tweaking to accommodate these recordings.

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Hi there,

Thank you for posting. I can see that you've already filed a dispute with our copyrights team, so this should get a review soon.

Please note that the copyrights team currently does not handle cases on the help forum directly, but I will make sure to pass on your feedback.

Hi Mathis, This is a very time sensitive matter. We are trying to attract ticket buyers to our festival, July 1--17. Please resolve as soon as possible. Bellingham FEstival of Music