Constantly getting blocked from Liking,Following,and sharing.

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I have a few instances where i am being blocked from liking too many times while trying to rearrange my playlist on my page. I seems to may soundcloud has good intentions with the "blocking" when your page "loses the human touch". I am a paying customer on this sight who is a artist trying to get heard like others on this site. Yesterday i was on my soundcloud app for about 5 minutes, i shared a few songs 3 to be exact and liked about 4 or 5 others. I get on this morning from my laptop and it shows i am currently blocked for 7 days. This doesnt include being blocked from liking sharing and following. This is a social music site but it seems more like north korea. Especially when i am a paying customer. SO now that i am blocked from liking,sharing,and following, what is the point of being on this site. You guys need to look at this and make it better not worse. I am not the only one who is pissed about this.

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Soundcloud administration has lost the human touch. So has every other administration.
That's what happens when Bilderberg fascists run the world. Get ready for Skynet to take over. Bring trenchcoats for the time travelers.
Same has just happened to me and i cant find anybody from soundcloud to talk to
Same here. I was initially asked to slow down reposting Sunday when I hadn't done any reposting at all. Has my account been hacked? I responded to the few likes today after being blocked for 24 hours and now I am blocked again for 2 days. I just don't get it!
I just got blocked for following someone back, and I haven't even clicked on one thing all day.
I sympathise. Really not sure why this happens, perhaps a bug in the software, I have several people who have reposted & commented but I'm reluctant to communicate with them in case I get blocked again. It sort of destroys the idea of building up a music community. Ironically, I have a very small community!!!
Same here - Dear SOUNDCLOUD: I will CANCEL MY SUBSRIPTION if you don't fix this. Not paying $15 per month for constantly getting this error message:

We have temporarily blocked your following facility because your account has previously gotten this warning many times.