Copyright infringement & The specialist does not respond professionally

  • 20 November 2018
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From Week ago we received message from soundcloud that one of our tracks (Radio Show Episode) deleted because it's include copyright content without provide more details to us about the content and the reporter.

We thought it's by mistake especially because all our content and tracks we recorded and mixed at our studios and all the content is creative and unique and all right belongs to us so we contact soundcloud copyright team and the problem begun !

First they refuse any description from us for no reason and no one ask us about any documents or governmental documents and the main problem is mainly our track that removed didn't include any copyright content and we knew that because soundcloud team finally sent the reporter email and soundcloud page that include only ONE MUSIC TRACK that we NEVER EVER USE IT !!

But the copyright team at soundcloud didn't wanna listen our investigation we requested a lot for any one listen to the two tracks our track and the reporter track because we didn't use any music from the reporter but no one listen

the problem here that we received E-Mail from soundcloud copyright team that our page now had strike !
because we can't prove our right in this track !!!!!!

It's farce ! you removed track fully owned to Hawak Radio Entertainment Network and now warning us !

Also, The copyright team didn't respond to our email ! we sent two emails in last 24 hour but no reply
We contacted the artist who have the only one track right (That We never use it) only because copyright team insist on contact him and he told us that this page on soundcloud didn't belong to him (the reporter page) and the owner of this page is a thieve !!! and the only track on the page removed

We are oppressed, no one reply on our emails, No one respects our right to explain, No one is investigating and we can't understand why

Is it because we are Arab? Is it a racism?

We hope someone really help us and investigating well

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