Copyright rejected for original track that has no similarities to track in question

  • 11 March 2019
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We operated a record label that has music that is distributed worldwide by Symphonic. I uploaded a track that was later taken down more than 6mos ago:

It looks like your track
"****** - Dirty Funk (Original Mix)(unmastered)"
might contain or be a copy of "Transitions" by Tony Mr. Beat, which is owned by owned by Positive Electronic Music in certain territories."

We ended up releasing the track under a different name "Back to the Bass" and it is still up on soundcloud, so today we disputed the claim. 1) I wrote the track for the label and know it doesn't contain copyrighted material 2) listening to our track, and then listening to this transitions track by mr. tony beat, there is no comparison. The two tracks aren't even close. The do not contain similar elements.

I disputed the track so that I could get a reversal and then delete it from my account to do account cleanup since we released the track to places like youtube, beatport, itunes, google, etc under a different title.

I just noticed that my dispute was rejected and I was given no reason for the rejection or any way to appeal or talk to someone. How do we get this resolved?

Please note this account is also supposed to be monetized/white listed through symphonic, and as I said, we are distributing and selling this track throughout the world.

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