Copyright takedown - even though I submitted the signed agreement with artist

  • 22 March 2017
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I have submitted via the takedown dispute page, the SIGNED agreement with the artist giving me the right to make the track available for streaming & downloading, and a disputed track was STILL rejected. I have a pro account, and I'm completely at a loss for what I need to provide to show that I have the rights to a track. We are also a music licensing company and understand the legal / copyright process very well, and it is our business to administer music rights.

Soundcloud legal, What do we need to provide you?

3 replies

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Has the digital distributor of the track been asked to whitelist your SoundCloud account so you can upload it?
How many accounts can be whitelisted for the same music?
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I don't think there's any limit. Normally a label's account would be whitelisted for all their releases, and they should let the distributor know about any new artists to the label plus magazine and blog accounts that do premieres.