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  • 30 March 2017
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Hello, we are a sound-design company and this project contains sounds, that we've created and that we own copyrights for. We are selling sounds and samples, but we are providing only licenses for using them. As we are the original copyright holders, we would like to have our track back on our channel and take off the strike, that we recieved.

The original sample pack, that this project is from is this one: (00:10-00:40)

Which has been released nearly a year ago.

We missed the information message, that someone is claiming this track as his own. We only recieved email after the dispute was closed.

Here are our terms & conditions, where is everything clearly explained:

For some reason I am not able to contact you via the email form: it just doesn't let me send the message.

Thank you.

Roman Trachta

2 replies

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Forms have recently been changed. Try this one.

Did you not get an email about this dispute? It seems unusual, especially if the track in question is just a demo of your sample-packs. Are you selling the packs on sites like Beatport? If yes, are you using a distributor?

Finally, is it possible that using the name Don Diablo in your title, that's been picked-up on without reading the full title and understanding it.

the new form link still not working for me - everytime I hit "Submit" the site refreshes, but all of the columns are still filled and nothing has been sent.

We did get this message, but it ended up in our Junk folder for some reason..

Yes, this pack is also available on Beatport - we are distributing our products by ourselves.

We also got copyright strike on YouTube for the same track / preview by a no name guy, so it's not the case of using "Don Diablo" in the title of the track.

Please let me know how shall we proceed.