Crazy Person !!! Arround who makes 100s of copyrightstrikes !!!WE NEED A SOUNDCLOUD MODERATOR !!!

  • 24 January 2018
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First read this link for the whole story !!! a person is using multiple accounts to delete, attack destroy our brand well known for years on soundcloud !!! Noone trusts this platform anymore ..because no reaction !!! ! more than 10 producer (since the 90s producing ...their music is used on 100s of official Music Albums have the same problem )! lawyer says : its fraud ! but we need soundclouds reaction NOW ! Soundcloud Is not interested to react on this it seems !!! We need a Moderator from here !!!
What the hell is going on with this platform ! today again copyright reports on our teamchannel ! like this soundcloud can not move on as a platform for independent musicians ! REACT ! do something ! or who can trust anymore ! we are the ones who have done this music ! And no one else !

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Hi there,

I've brought this to the attention of our Trust & Safety team and they are dealing with the case from their end. Issues like this one is best files with the team directly, as they will be able to help most efficiently. Thank you for your understanding. If you need to reach out to them or if you have further questions, please reach out to them via our contact form on the Help Center. Due to the public nature of our Help Community, many Trust & Safety, Copyright or Subscription related issues are still handles via email (i.e. via said contact form).

All the best